Q:  How long is the wait for an appointment for consultation?

A:  Each surgeon is in the Cosmetic Clinic 1-2 days per week. A consultation for cosmetic evaluation is available within two weeks or more.

Q:  How long does it take to schedule surgery, if I elect to have a procedure?

A:  Plastic surgery is performed at the UC Davis Medical Center, main hospital and the same day surgery center in Sacramento, CA . Normally, we are able to schedule cosmetic procedures within 2 – 3 weeks from the date of your decision to schedule, but does vary with each physician.

Q:  How long will I need to be off work?

A:  Each procedure has specific requirements for postoperative time to heal and return to normal activities. These will be discussed, in detail, at the time of your consultation.

Q:  I understand you are a teaching facility. What involvement will a resident have in my surgery and care?

A:  A Plastic Surgery Resident is an M.D., who has completed at least 3 years of a surgery residency and is training in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery. The resident rotates through multiple areas of patient care and may accompany the faculty surgeon to the O.R., providing assistance during surgery. The resident may also attend the consultation and postoperative office visits. It is your choice if you do not wish to have the resident assist in your surgery.

Q:  Does UC Davis have a payment plan for cosmetic procedures?

A:  UC Davis requires prepayment for all cosmetic elective procedures. We do accept all major credit cards, as well as Cashier’s Checks or Money Orders, made out to “UC Regents.”

Q:  Does the consultation fee apply toward the costs of surgery?

A:  A consultation appointment will require approximately an hour of the surgeon’s time to meet with you. The time appointed for consultation is a separate fee and does not apply to the surgery fees.

Q:  Are any procedures ever covered by insurance?

A:  Breast reduction and panniculectomy, following gastric bypass and weight loss, are two procedures which are sometimes covered by insurance. If a patient’s physical condition meets certain criteria, the surgeon will send a dictated request for consideration and a photo of the area in question, to the Utilization Review Committee of your insurer, who will either approve or deny payment. A Committee’s review and decision normally requires 6-8 weeks.