Plastic Surgery at UC Davis


A note from Judy:


My name is Judy H. from Sacramento, California. My present age is 65 years old. I made the decision to find the old me (smaller). I had allowed myself to become trapped in a body of fat. I had the R & Y (Roux-en-Y bypass) bariatric surgery on February 13, 2002. Once I stabilized with my weight over the next few years, I needed to finalize my journey.

Going through the UC Davis Plastic Surgery Department, I met Dr. Michael Wong. His specialty is reconstructive surgery after bariatric surgery. I had a few consultation appointments and received a very comprehensive explanation of procedures, follow up care, and pain management plan.

My first surgery was reconstruction of my lower belly, which included a tummy tuck and excess skin on the front and backsides in November of 2009.

In November 2011, I had breast and upper arm reduction.

I have had family and friends ask “why are you doing this” and “are you afraid”? My answer was “no”. I had complete faith In Dr. Michael Wong and the UC Davis Medical System.

Dr. Wong did both of my surgeries, and I have no regrets. I would recommend anyone thinking of having makeover surgeries to forge ahead. I have no regrets.

Thank you Dr. Michael Wong and staff at the UC Davis Plastic Surgery Clinic for giving me back the “NEW” Judy H., Sacramento

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A note from Maria S:

Cancer is a deadly disease and when I got diagnosed with it I feared for my life. I had taken every precaution by getting annual mammograms since my early 40's since I was considered high-risk because both my mother and aunt had breast cancer. My aunt died from her cancer. Little did I know that mammograms weren't an effective tool to find cancer in younger women because the dense tissue hid the tumors so well.

It wasn't all the technology available that discovered my cancer but a simple self-evaluation. I noticed a dimple on my breast so I requested an ultrasound-which is when they found cancer not on one but both of my breasts. The biopsy revealed I had both lobular and ductile carcinoma. I was diagnosed as being stage II since the cancer had spread to my lymph nodes as well so, I decided to go to UC Davis to meet with doctor Khatri, wo recommended that I have a double mastectomy, chemotherapy, and radiation since I had a tremendous amount of cancer in both breasts. After the surgery I elected to have breast reconstruction done.

I met with Dr. Sahar and explained to him about the research I had done online about the Diep Flap procedure. He was familiar with the procedure-and had performed it many times before. Dr. Sahar recommended that I have a bilateral Diep Flap procedure done, so that's why I chose.

Previously, I had tried to have expanders placed under my skin but, due to the radiation burns, it didn't have any elasticity and subsequently failed. Also, implants may cause problems and in some cases they will have to be replaced because they can fail or your body will not accept them. Having the implants also meant that they would have to monitor them for the rest of my life.

The Diep Flap procedure is fabulous because it's made of my own flesh that has been recycled from unwanted f at and loose skin on my abdomen that I had developed from pregnancy. I always felt embarrassed and self conscious of this area. Now it's gone. I was able to communicate and plan with Dr. Sahar about the size of my breasts, nipples, and areola size I would like. If I was not sure about the size he was able to use a recommended standard chart that would be ideal for my body.

The surgery took approximately 14 hours but I didn’t feel a thing. The surgery was performed by a team of doctors that did an amazing job such as connecting small veins which were the size of a hair which is called microsurgery.  I recovered well in the hospital as I stayed about four days. I recovered and went back to work within six weeks after my surgery. The nipple implant surgery went well. Went back to work for that surgery within four days.

I have a few scars that are fading and I am looking more like myself except I think I am looking better than when I had my own breast because I was always a small breasted woman and know I like my size of breast. I am a happy cancer survivor since I feel that I have my body shape back. I don’t feel unusual or handicapped in any way. My clothes fit a lot better now and I even look like I have lost weight. I also don’t feel like I was cheated out or like if someone stole something from me. I don’t feel like cancer won. I won and that is a good feeling. I recommend this surgery to all women in need of breast reconstruction from Dr. Sahar because he truly cares about his patients and his work is amazing. I am happy to know that you can fight through the cancer and get your identity back thanks to surgeons like Dr. Sahar. 
Sincerely, Proud Cancer Survivor Maria S.

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Another note from Maria S.

The first time I went to the UC Davis Plastic Surgery office I knew that I had come to the right place since everyone at the doctor's office were very nice.  After getting a double mastectomy due to breast cancer I was definitely ready to get myself back physically.  I have been looking forward to having breast reconstruction and I am so glad I met Dr. Sahar during this process.

Dr. Sahar has done an amazing job of rebuilding my breasts. Being a patient and seeing the results after the surgeries has been an incredible moment in my life that I know I will never forget. I am overwhelmed with happiness after seeing my results as I welcome back the part of my body that represents my feminine part of who I am as a woman. I highly recommend Dr. Sahar as a plastic surgeon to all women who have fought cancer and are looking for a successful result. Dr. Sahar is the type of doctor that spends time with you and explain the procedures that he recommends, and answers question or concerns that you may have. Not only does he do a great job he's also a caring and a sympathetic doctor who shows that he has pride in the work that he does. I will miss Dr. Sahar and his faculty and I thank them very much for all they did for me.
Sincerely, A Proud Cancer Survivor, Maria S.

A note from Tom B.

When cancer struck our family, we had to decide which surgeon would deliver the most cutting edge on breast cancer reconstructive surgery . The search ended with Dr. Michael Wong and his awesome team. He can best be described as a milder version of “HOUSE “with the cutting edge knowledge and soft kind manner of Doctor Marcus Welby. His skills as a surgeon are outstanding and his skills as a caring professional rank him among the highest we have ever encountered. Dr. Wong’s Team (Office staff, Nurses and Surgical Team) WAS THE BEST! We are so thankful that we found such a caring team. Thank you for the excellent care you gave us during our visits to your office. If Mother Theresa asked me for a referral, I would give MY BLESSINGS TO DR. MICHAEL WONG. He is truly heaven sent. Tom B.

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