Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery is a specialty combining medical knowledge, surgical skills, experience, and aesthetic sensibility.  Daily, we as plastic surgeons apply our judgment and abilities into the treatment of complex patient problems.  These problems may be suffered by patients of all ages and both sexes, in diverse anatomic areas.  We care for patients with hand injuries, facial wounds, congenital deformities, and breast reconstructive needs.  Our plastic surgeons understand and manage cosmetic surgical patient issues ranging from body contour concerns to the desire for enhancement of breast appearance and treatment of facial aging.

Our commitment to plastic surgery as a discipline provides substantial advantages to patients seeking care.  Here at UC Davis, we teach residents who will eventually provide plastic surgical services to our community.  Teaching imposes requirements on each of the plastic surgery faculty member.  Specifically, we are stimulated to learn and educate students in our specialty’s newest principles and operative techniques.  Arising from an interest in research (a necessary component of our educational program), some of these innovative techniques are developed by UC Davis Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery faculty members.  In addition, our large faculty allows individual members to develop areas of special expertise, a feature that benefits our patient population.  We have the opportunity to discuss patient issues with one another, enhancing the likelihood of a successful surgical plan.  Our faculty possesses more than sixty years of combined plastic surgical experience ─ experience that is frequently brought to bear on patient problems.  Finally, through a program of international service and the provision of plastic surgical care to an underserved population, we and our residents learn to practice compassionately, a trait that lies at the heart of medical care.