Michael S. Wong, M.D., has a special interest in body contouring after significant weight loss and serves as Director of Body Contouring After Weight Loss. Three Dimensional Breast Imaging. See what patients are saying about this camera.

Michael Wong, M.D. continues to use a three-dimensional camera, gauging its usefulness and level of patient satisfaction, in breast reconstruction and augmentation patients.  The device works by taking a series of photos simultaneously from different angles and using computer software to merge the multiple images into a three-dimensional rendering of the breasts.  Because the camera allows for volume calculations, it is also being used to monitor fat grafting results, not only to the breast, but to other areas of the body as well.  To learn what patients are saying about this three-dimensional camera, please see the video.

To more rigorously assess the camera's value as a surgical tool, we are actively recruiting for an IRB-approved protocol evaluating patient preference in selecting implant size using sports brassiere and sizers versus three-dimensional simulation.  If you are interested in participating in this sizing study, or would like more information on this three-dimensional camera, please call the Plastic Surgery office at 916-734-7844 to set up an appointment with Dr. Wong.