Droopy upper eyelids and bags under the eyes may make you look older and more tired than you feel.  "Blepharoplasty," or eyelid surgery, can improve eyelid appearance.  By removing small amounts of excess skin and fat, our plastic surgeons provide a more youthful and refreshed look to the eyelid region.

In the process of deciding whether blepharoplasty would improve your "look," you need to know how the surgery is performed and what is the likely outcome.  Our plastic surgeons perform blepharoplasty under local anesthesia, often with conscious sedation or "twilight sleep," reducing patient awareness of the operative procedure.  An upper eyelid incision is hidden in the natural crease of the eyelid.  Small amounts of skin, muscle and fat are removed to recreate a youthful eyelid crease.  Lower eyelid incisions are made either behind the lid or just along the lash line.  The operation takes about an hour.  Many patients elect to have both the upper and lower eyelids done at the same time.  Sometimes a facelift is also performed with eyelid lift for a complete facial rejuvenation.

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