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Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences

Personal. Predictive. Proactive. Precise.

The Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences convenes diverse research teams to tackle today's healthcare challenges in data science, clinical care, nutrition and more.

Precision Medicine

Precision Medicine

Precision medicine takes a personalized approach to research and clinical care that results in better health outcomes and targeted treatments. Rather than using a "one-size-fits-all" approach, precision medicine allows doctors and researchers to account for individual differences in genes, environments and lifestyles when developing a treatment plan or drug therapy.

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Data Science

Numerous data sources are available in healthcare from genomic data, to information in the electronic health record to data collected by wearable devices. Data science allows us to make use of this data, leading to precision medicine and targeted therapies and drug treatments. Data science will allow us to shift from a reactive to predictive model of medicine. 

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Computational Biomedicine

Computational biomedicine combines cutting-edge computational models and experiments through a unifying digital twin framework. Digital twins address large scale biomedical problems by linking genotype to phenotype in the setting of normal and disease physiology to precisely predict diagnosis and therapy.

Who is at the greatest risk for getting hypertension? Who might develop a specific cancer? Precision medicine has the potential to predict and prevent disease and personalize treatment for illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Our Center Director talks about the potential for precision medicine at UC Davis Health.

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