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Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences

Personal. Predictive. Proactive. Precise.

What is Precision Medicine?

Precision medicine takes a personalized approach to research and clinical care that results in better health outcomes and targeted treatments. Rather than using a "one-size-fits-all" approach, precision medicine allows doctors and researchers to account for individual differences in genes, environments and lifestyles when developing a treatment plan or drug therapy.

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Our Mission

"To advance precision medicine and precision population health by convening new teams (team of teams), promote workforce development and use new tools and data sources to promote innovations in healthcare quality and public health."

-Dr. Frederick J. Meyers

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Our Team

Our team is comprised of physician scientists, researchers, data scientists and project managers. We enjoy partnering with other teams on precision medicine and data science projects.

Meet Our Team

Center Leadership

Meyers and Clancy headshotThe Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences is co-directed by Dr. Frederick J. Meyers and Dr. Colleen Clancy.

The Center for Precision Medicine and Data Sciences convenes diverse research teams to tackle today's healthcare challenges in nutrition, data science, clinical care and more.

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Precision Nutrition

Poor diet is a leading cause of mortality in the United States, and heart disease, stroke and diabetes alone account for more than $600 billion in health care spending and lost productivity. There is an urgency to address the poor health outcomes and associated costs of diet-related chronic disease, with interventions which provide, prescribe, or educate patients regarding healthy and medically appropriate diets.

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Data Science

Numerous data sources are available in healthcare from genomic data, to information in the electronic health record to data collected by wearable devices. Data science allows us to make use of this data, leading to precision medicine and targeted therapies and drug treatments. Data science will allow us to shift from a reactive to predictive model of medicine. 

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Research Training

Teaching and training the next generation of precision medicine researchers is critical for the field to continue. We believe in providing opportunities for medical students and researchers to be mentored and are involved in programs that provide the skills and professional development to be successful in today's science workforce.

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Precision medicine applications

What happens when two injuries have competing treatment plans? The response must be personalized, precise and informed by the most current research. Learn how a precision medicine approach can help guide doctors treating patients who suffer traumatic brain injury (TBI) along with burns or other forms of trauma.

Who is at the greatest risk for getting hypertension? Who might develop a specific cancer? Precision medicine has the potential to predict and prevent disease and personalize treatment for illnesses like cancer and heart disease. Our Center Director talks about the potential for precision medicine at UC Davis Health.

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