UC Employees can now report workplace-related injury or illness online with RSS Injury and Illness Reporting. Accessible 24/7 from a computer or mobile device, RSS Injury & Illness Reporting is an online solution that offers a simplified way to submit and monitor employee injury claims.

As of Dec. 31, 2024, the Department Injury/Illness Worksheet form will no longer be used.

Workers' compensation provides benefits to employees who have sustained a work-related injury or illness. It is a mandatory coverage provided to all eligible employees in California. It is designed to provide employees with immediate medical attention and other benefits when they sustain a work-related injury or illness.

How to Report an Injury

Employees may report their injury/illness directly, or the Supervisor/Manager can submit on behalf of an employee who has been injured.

Report an Injury or Illness via RSS Incident Management


  • Report your injury directly to Sedgwick by calling the 24/7 Workers’ Compensation Hotline at 1-877-682-7778.

Employees are responsible for reporting incident details to their immediate supervisor as soon as possible if they have sustained an injury or illness in the course and scope of their employment. Supervisors are responsible for initial distribution of the Workers’ Compensation DWC-1 Claim Form within 24 hours of notice for any work-related injury or illness. Completed forms should be returned to the workers’ compensation unit within 24 hours via email at hs-workerscompergo@ucdavis.edu.

*Supervisors and Managers: To establish a user group within your department to monitor for injuries that have been submitted, please reach out to the main Workers’ Compensation inbox at hs-workerscompergo@ucdavis.edu.

Seek appropriate medical care

  • If non-emergency medical treatment is needed, schedule an appointment with Occupational and Employee Health Clinic (OEHC) at 916-734-3572.

Environmental Health and Safety is responsible for reporting work-connected fatalities or serious injuries or illnesses to Cal/OSHA within 8 hours of employer knowledge. Serious injuries or illnesses are those which require hospitalization, loss of limb or any degree of permanent disfigurement and must be reported immediately to the Health and Safety Officer at: 916-734-2740, after hours call the EH&S 24-hour pager at 916-816-1994. If there is no answer to the 24-hour pager, please contact the hospital operator at 916-734-2011.

Workers’ Compensation Report

The Workers’ Compensation Report, previously known as the Signal Light Report, provides supervisors and managers with a snapshot of injuries/illnesses filed for UC Davis Health. The report contains easy-to-use filters for a quick review of claims by Division, Month, Year, and Unit. Please follow the instructions below for accessibility to Tableau and the Workers’ Compensation Report. Any inquiries regarding data presented in the report should be sent to the Workers’ Compensation Unit at hs-workerscompergo@ucdavis.edu.

Fill out the ticket as follows, inserting your information into the brackets:

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After adding the request, open your cart and enter the following:

  • Approver: David Frankenberger
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Please contact Imran Yousaf or Latha Dumpala with any questions regarding access to the dashboard.