Connecting the strengths of university and community medicine

Tumor boards are recognized by the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as an essential component of excellence in cancer care. They bring together a range of medical disciplines for discussions on how to best care for patient with cancer.

Using state-of-the-art broadband telemedicine technology, teams of specialists from UC Davis Health's Cancer Care Network Cancer Centers and the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center meet in videoconferences called "virtual tumor boards" to share medical information and agree on treatment options.  


United in quality cancer care

The UC Davis Cancer Care Network has united affiliate cancer centers in the commitment to promote first-rate cancer care. Virtual tumor boards provide physicians opportunities to explore additional resources and treatment options, such as  clinical trials or referrals for additional specialty care that may be beneficial. 

Tumor boards allow physicians to:

  • Draw on experiences from their own patients
  • Tap specific or unique expertise of care team members
  • Explore various options for clinical therapies, and
  • Continuously expand and refine their knowledge base and refine their expertise to advance care.

Patients benefit from the collective experience of several specialists and the research prowess of a nationally renowned academic medical center, gaining improved opportunities for remission and cure.


The Virtual Tumor Board Project

doctors at board table

The Virtual Tumor Board Project was founded by Dr. Frederick Meyers, associate dean for precision medicine and professor of internal medicine/hematology-oncology at UC Davis School of Medicine, with major funding from Blue Shield of California Foundation and support from the UC Davis Cancer Care Network sites.

Each affiliate site is equipped with advanced videoconferencing equipment which projects the presenting physician’s image and voice, along with detailed images of a patient's pathology slides or radiological scans. The high-definition images and sound run through encrypted Web-based technology, ensuring both maximum security and optimum quality.


Connecting your community to first-rate cancer care