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We provide medical and nursing students, physicians, faculty and many other health care providers with exceptional interprofessional training and education opportunities.

Educational Partnerships

School of Medicine Students (C) UC Regents
Community Health Scholars — We partner with the UC Davis School of Medicine to train medical student leaders to identify, understand, and serve the unique health needs of California's rural, urban, and valley communities. The four Community Health Scholars programs each have a telehealth component.

Graduate Medical Education students (C) UC Regents
Residency Programs — We support the UC Davis School of Medicine's Graduate Medical Education programs by providing telehealth education for residents completing training in more than 20 different specialties. We're proud to help train tomorrow's clinicians today, ultimately enabling them to embrace technology-enabled health care. 

Our Collaborations

HCV TeleMentoring Program (ECHO®-Plus) — Primary care providers participating in this program gain the skills and knowledge needed to manage hepatitis C patients in their own communities. Physicians receive one-on-one telementoring with UC Davis specialists and continuing medical education credit.   

Parent Child Interaction Therapy Training — This program uses telehealth technology to train professionals in evidence-based therapies that can improve parent relationships with their children. Trainers are able to coach therapists while the therapists are coaching parents.


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ECHO® Pain Management TeleMentoring — The mission of Project ECHO (Extension for Community Health Care Outcomes) is to develop the capacity of primary care clinicians to safely and effectively manage chronic pain within their communities. A multidisciplinary team of specialists supports participating primary care clinicians through weekly peer-to-peer video conference sessions.

ECHO® Autism Teleconferencing ProgramThe UC Davis MIND Institute offers a telehealth education program aimed at helping community hospital clinicians care for children with autism. Physicians receive one-on-one telementoring with UC Davis specialists and continuing medical education credit.

Train the Trainers: Primary Care Pain Management Fellowship — This fellowship is designed for providers who wish to become expert clinicians and teachers in primary care pain management. Participants learn through both videoconference and in-person training sessions over the course of 10 months.


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Train New Trainers: Primary Care Psychiatry Fellowship — Trainees in this program learn how to complete efficient psychiatric interviews in the primary care or medical center setting. Participants then learn how to teach these principles to their primary care colleagues.