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James Marcin conducting a telehealth visit. (c) UC Davis Regents. All rights reserved.Learn about the most effective practices for telehealth implementation, regulatory compliance and how to incorporate a health equity lens.

Developed in partnership with UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education and hosted on the Coursera platform, the “Telehealth Best Practices and Uses” online course by the UC Davis Center for Health and Technology is designed for health care professionals and employees in organizations that practice telehealth or are aspiring to work within the field. The course examines the real-world application of telehealth in a world-class, research university medical center with over three decades of practice.

With insight from David Lubarsky, vice chancellor of human health sciences and CEO at UC Davis Health, participants leave the course better able to improve their telehealth practice and focus on the elements of telehealth that matter most to organizations and the patients they serve.

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About the Course

Telehealth utilizes technology tools such as a cellphone or laptop to give patients and doctors the ability to support health care communication and services remotely. As a leading pioneer in the field of telehealth, UC Davis Health began offering telehealth services in 1992 and providing formal telehealth academic curriculum in 1999. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the field of telehealth has seen tremendous growth, with telehealth utilization increasing across all specialties and becoming even more accessible.

In the “Telehealth Best Practices and Uses” course, learners go beyond the foundational knowledge of technology tools employed and telehealth applications. Gain insight into the most effective practices in implementation, regulatory compliance and how to practice with a health equity lens.

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The course is available to everyone and complimentary for UC Davis employees.

Cost for UC Davis Employees: Complimentary

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