Steps for Submitting a Telehealth Referral

See our telehealth quick start guide (PDF) »

  1. Complete a Telehealth Referral Request Form Fax the form to 866-622-5944 or submit via email along with any documentation outlined in the referral guidelines. For specialties not listed, please provide as much documentation as possible to assist us in securing a one-time consultation.
  2. Confirmation Call — A telehealth coordinator will call you to schedule your appointment.
  3. Consultation Instructions — We will provide instructions on how to connect for your consultation. We ask that all sites test the connection prior to the appointment date to ensure good audio/visual quality and review the use of any external telehealth peripherals that might be needed during the consultation.
  4. Confirm the Appointment — Notify your patient two business days prior to the consultation date.
  5. Complete Paperwork — Provide your patient with a copy of our Notice of Privacy Practices and fax a signed copy of our Acknowledgement of Receipt form to 866-622-5944 before the consult. Document your patient's verbal consent to participating in a telehealth consultation in your patient's chart/electronic record.

Telehealth Specialties

View our adult specialties and our pediatric specialties, or download our handy PDF version.

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