Overview The intent of this policy is to make available loan funds to help with a student’s need to purchase a computer and/or computer-related accessories required by the curriculum to accomplish a broad range of computing activities. The type of funding offered for students will depend on fund allocations at the time of reimbursement.

On a case-by-case basis, requests for loan funds up to $2,000 may be approved for the purchase of required items. Funding requests for purchases that occur during the academic year or no earlier than four weeks before the start of a new academic year will be considered. Funding requests for purchases made within six months of graduation (i.e., completion of program requirements) will NOT be funded.

  • Earliest Purchase Date: One month prior to 1st day of instruction

Students who borrowed funds previously and have remaining eligibility may request their remaining eligibility to pay for upgrades to equipment in subsequent academic years. For example, a student who provides purchase documentation in their first year and borrows $1,500 may submit future expenses and request funding not to exceed $500.

The student has two choices when requesting funds for computer-related expenses:

1)  Reimbursement after purchase: The student may provide a copy of the paid invoice which includes thepurchase detail and shows the student’s information as the purchaser (if applicable, verification of credit card used may be requested). With this paid invoice, we will increase the student’s budget, award financial aid funds, and disburse the additional aid


2)  Provide a price estimate: If the student does not have funds available to make the purchase and wait forreimbursement, the student may provide an estimate of the purchase price (e. g., a quote from the vendor). Using this estimate, we will award loan funds and disburse the funds for the student to make the purchase. Within three weeks of disbursing the additional aid, the final paid invoice must be submitted to the financial aid office as final documentation. If the purchase price varies from the estimate, we will adjust aid as necessary. If this means additional aid, we may be required to prepare new loan documents for the increase. If a copy of the final invoice is not provided, the student’s future aid may be placed on hold.
Students in Other Health Sciences Degree Programs

Please refer to UC Davis’s Recommended Computer Configurations, funding will not be approved for items deemed inappropriate.

You may also want to consider an extended warranty.

An extensive warranty beyond the limited one-year manufacturer-provided may be useful depending on your planned usage. Three-year parts and labor is highly recommended, as well as an onsite repair warranty if funds permit. An Accidental Damage Coverage (ADC) plan can prevent repair costs from exceeding the value of the computer in case of damage.