Students may experience unforeseen expenses during the academic year that are not accounted for in the typical estimated cost of attendance. This appeal is used to identify expenses and request additional loan funding. Please note, the expenses are reviewed for the student only and an increase is not guaranteed.

  1. Review our Documenting Expense Appeal video.
  2. Review your student expense budget (i.e., cost of attendance). Determine whether you have exceeded (or expect to exceed) the budget allowance for a category during the academic year. To establish eligibility, you must prove that you have spent more than the allowed amount.
  3. Email us at letting us know you would like to submit an appeal. We will then send you the link to our Documenting Expense Appeal form where you can write your statement and attach your supporting documentation.
  4. Supporting documentation includes:
    • A statement itemizing the expenses and justifying them as part of your educational costs.
    • Your name and home address on all documents. If your name is not on the document please explain in your statement.
    • For recurring bills, such as any utility bill, we require a minimum of your three most current complete billing statements.
    • Do not cut, copy, and paste supporting documentation on a Word document. This type of documentation will be denied.
  5. A financial aid officer may contact you if additional requirements or clarification is needed to determine your eligibility and advise you on the limits that apply to the amount of expenses that can be documented. 

The types of expenses not allowed to report are streaming app bills, cable bills, credit card bills, car payments or trips for entertainment purposes.

If you are denied additional funding, you may submit an appeal to our office with a statement or documentation requesting a secondary review.