A student who does not own a vehicle may meet with a financial aid officer to discuss their situation and request private loan funds for a vehicle purchase or lease. Funding may also be requested for vehicle payments as a result of a loan borrowed prior to medical school matriculation. Up to $8,000 may be requested for a used-vehicle purchase ($7,000 vehicle, $1,000 tax and registration fees), vehicle lease, or loan payments only. Purchase requests made within six months of graduation will not be funded.

Official, verifiable documentation is required for a private loan of this type.  Within 30 days of the disbursement of the private loan funds, the borrower must provide copies of official documentation which supports the explicit use of the loan funds. Therefore, before requesting these private loan funds, it is important to ensure you have ample time to complete the entire process:

  1. Meet with a financial aid officer to discuss need for funds and documentation requirements
  2. Apply for the private loan pre-application and receive approval
  3. Three-week waiting period until loan funds are disbursed
  4. Select and purchase vehicle
  5. Obtain documentation (i.e., loan/lease agreement, Bill of Sale/paid invoice, copy of cashier's check used for payment, DMV registration)
  6. Provide copies of documentation to the Financial Aid Office through hs-financialaid@ucdavis.edu

Any questions about the purchase process and/or the proper documentation requirement should be talked through with the Financial Aid Office. Call us at 916-734-4120 or stop by suite 1208 in the Education Building on the Sacramento campus.

The selection of a private student loan provider is entirely the student's choice. To assist students in making the best lender choice, a few private loan options are available at the following link  https://www.elmselect.com/v4/school/160/program-select

Some lenders may require payments during enrollment. We encourage students to compare lenders for overall costs, interest rates, front and back-end repayment incentives, and more. Apply for the loan of your choice using our federal school code 001313-72.