Changes in the Higher Education Amendments of 1986 allow both single and married students the same budget. If income and benefits are not adequate to support dependents, students should talk with the health system financial aid director. Housing costs which exceed the basic student budget for reasonable, justified living accommodations may be considered. However, all students are expected to seek housing within the budgeted housing allowance. Our policy presumes two students sharing a two-bedroom apartment.

Adjustments to the budget for single students who choose to live alone may be considered one time only, on an exceptional basis. Additional costs for single students who continue to live alone will not be considered beyond the one-time adjustment.

Acceptable additions to this category might include excess rent and utility costs or homeowner's or renter's insurance premiums. To document these expenses, submit appropriate bills, lease agreements and proof of payments. Receipts for three months of payments are required to verify rent and utility costs.