The basic student expense budget's transportation allowance covers the cost of maintaining a vehicle. Such expenses include insurance, registration, gas, parking and tolls, and repairs. Also allowed in this budget category are two trips home.* Students with expenses over the budget allowance may document their actual costs.

  • Insurance – copies of car insurance policies
  • Repairs – copies of repair bills
  • Registration – copy of your current DMV registration
  • Gas – original receipts and/or bank statements. We may consider using a detailed mileage estimate showing where and how often you travel, which will be confirmed with curriculum.
  • Parking and tolls – original receipts required
  • Two trips home – transportation receipts and/or tickets

Use the Transportation Expenses form to track your monthly expenses if you feel you may exceed the ANNUAL allowance, you will need to complete this form and provide all related documentation (bank statements, receipts) showing proof that you have exceeded the allowance.

*In addition, fourth-year medical students have an added allowance in their expense budget for an estimated round-trip airfare ticket to the USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills testing site in Los Angeles.