The historical debt of our medical students is shown below. Averages are based on graduates who have educational debt. Increases in pre-medical school borrowing, tuition and fees, and other economic factors all contribute to the rise in borrowing.

Class Average Total Debt Average Medical School Debt
2019 $171,090 $159,460
2018 $161,378 $151,174
2017 $163,969 $156,808
2016 $178,300 $167,323
2015 $170,593 $153,418
2014 $154,576 $143,069
2013 $157,412 $146,756
2012 $155,641 $138,797
2011 $141,483 $131,314
2010 $150,872 $136,996
2009 $126,051 $119,700

*Beginning in 2017 estimated interest on loans was no longer calculated.
It is important for students to know how much they have borrowed, what their monthly payments might be and how these payment obligations will be met considering their future income as an intern, resident and physician. Each year we provide our students with updated individual borrowing histories. Students and graduates can also review their federal educational debt records by accessing the National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS) Web site. NSLDS account information should be routinely monitored, and discrepancies resolved as quickly as possible.