Resident Fellow Salaries Median Stipend*

Estimated Monthly

Repayment Amount**

1st Post-M.D. Year $62,722 $297 ($3,564 per year)
2nd Post-M.D. Year $65,306
3rd Post-M.D. Year $67,763
4th Post-M.D. Year $71,235 $381 ($4,572 per year)

*AAMC, Survey of Resident/Fellow Stipends and Benefits, 2023: Median (50th Percentile) Resident/Fellow Stipends Nationwide
**Based off of the SAVE Plan using the MedLoans Calculator

Be careful not to default on your educational loans. Defaulting on your educational loans may affect your ability to become a licensed physician. Numerous states have passed laws suspending licensure in any field on defaulters of student loans. Some employers may perform a credit check before hiring a new employee. And borrowers who default on a federally-guaranteed loan and are employed by a public institution may be in jeopardy of job termination.