SNUG Agenda 2016

The NorCal Siemens Neuro Users Group (SNUG), held at UC Davis School of Medicine on Friday, December 9, 2016

The day started with a tour of the Imaging Research Center. Afterwared, presentations were held in the nearby Education Building (4610 X Street).



Breakfast in IRC conference room
Tour of the Imaging Research Center

10AM-12PM Morning Session

  • Marjorie Solomon (UC Davis) Introductory words from IRC
  • Ben A. Inglis (UC Berkeley) Optimization of EPI-based protocols using SMS (aka MB)
  • An (Joseph) Vu (UCSF CIND) High resolution neuroimaging at 3 and 7 Tesla
  • Gerhard Laub and Sinyeob Ahn (Siemens)
    • 3T Prisma upgrade
    • VE software upgrade for Prisma and Skyra


Lunch break

1PM-3PM Afternoon Session

  • Liyong Chen (UC Berkeley) Simultaneous Multi-Slice MR Phase Contrast velocity Imaging for real-time CSF flow and 2D/4D blood flow
  • Nico Papinutto (UCSF, School of Medicine) Gradient non-linearity effects on upper cervical cord area measurements from MPRAGE brain MRI acquisitions
  • Christine Wu Nordhal (UC Davis) Neuroimaging studies in young children
  • Abhijit Chaudhari (UC Davis) Dynamic MRI of joint motion
  • R.J. Maddock (UC Davis), Glutamate and glutathione measurements with MEGA-PRESS sequences at 3T
  • Ian Greenhouse (UC Berkeley) GABA spectroscopy developments and comparisons