Imaging Research CenterThe University of California at Davis established the Imaging Research Center (IRC) in 1998 to support imaging science research and promote the use of modern imaging methods in basic science and clinical investigations of the brain and body. The IRC is located in a 13,000 sq.ft building on the UC Davis Health campus in Sacramento, and currently houses a research-dedicated whole-body 3T Siemens Prisma MRI System. A wide range of imaging studies are carried out in the IRC. The IRC supports basic science and clinical research that investigates the structure and function of the nervous system, including perceptual, motor and cognitive function using real-time functional imaging techniques, and research that investigates systemic physiology and morphology in health and disease.

The IRC is dedicated to research involving advanced imaging and image processing technologies, and serves UC Davis Health and the Main Campus. The Center houses a whole-body 3T MRI system, and equipment for general imaging research support. Imaging physics faculty and technical support personnel have offices at the IRC, and continually improve upon the research infrastructure and provide support for faculty research projects.