Training: Scanning in the age of COVID-19

Everyone involved in MR scanning (operators, safety monitors) needs to review the following presentation and submit the quiz to Jerry Sonico before resuming scanning activities.

  1. Review the presentation: Imaging Research Center COVID-19 Precautions
  2. Take the quiz: COVID-19 Safety Quiz
  3. Send your completed quiz as an email attachment to Jerry Sonico:

There is only one correct answer for each question on the quiz.  If you mark more than one box it will be deemed an incorrect answer.  You must pass with 80% to be approved.  Jerry will email you the results.

Standard Operating Procedures for COVID-19 Precautions

Daily Screening Form

Safety Policy

Danger signAll PIs and intended MRI users are required to attend a full MRI safety training prior to operation of the scanners, which must be renewed annually. All MRI operators are required to be certified for scanner operation by the IRC Imaging Specialist.

The IRC policy is to have two safety-trained individuals present for an MRI scan at all times. During normal working hours (i.e. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday), one safety trained individual is needed. For after-hours or weekend scanning, two safety-trained individuals are needed. 

There must be a one-to-one ratio of safety-trained lab members to subjects/patients and anyone who may be accompanying these subjects (i.e. parent, other family member). This rule is in effect at all times.

All personnel must have a working knowledge of, and a willingness to follow, all safety requirements.

MRI Screening Form

MRI Screening Form (Spanish)

MRI Volunteer Consent Form

Safety Training

In order to be safety certified, potential candidates must undergo a two hour comprehensive safety training. To join the next available safety training course, please email Jerry Sonico

Safety training is required for all scanner users. This involves an initial on-site training session that includes a lecture, safety video, and a written quiz. Subsequent renewals may be processed online (see below). Safety training must be renewed annually by all active scanner users and safety monitors. If your MRI Safety training has expired, you will need to take the MRI Safety class at the IRC.

MRI Safety Manual
Official safety manual

Annual Safety Training Renewal Instructions
Please follow the instructions carefully.

  1. Review the MRI Safety presentation.
  2. After completing the presentation, download the password-protected MRI Safety Quiz (username is "safety"; you should have received the password from Jerry).
  3. On the "Safety Questionnaire" complete the following fields:
    1. Name
    2. Dept/Faculty Advisor
    3. Student/Employee ID Number
  4. Select only one box (Y or N) for each question. On question #1 if you have implant(s) list the name of the implant next to "explain".
  5. Complete the "Self-Assessment of UC Davis IRC MRI Safety Practices". Answer either "Yes" or "No".
  6. Continue with the "MRI Safety Quiz". Complete the Name and PI fields. There are 30 questions and you must pass with 80% to renew.
  7. There is only one correct answer for each question on the "MRI Safety Quiz". If you mark more than one box it will be deemed an incorrect answer.
  8. After completing both the "safety questionnaire" and the "MRI Safety quiz", save the document.
  9. Send your completed document as an email attachment to Jerry Sonico:
  10. Jerry will email you the results.

Operator Training and After Hours Training

To become an MRI operator, you must complete operator training, which involves four 2-hour training sessions on the MRI scanner intended for use. To join the next available operator training, please email Jerry Sonico

Please note: Undergraduates are not eligible to operate the MRI scanner. Undergraduates are eligible to undergo safety training to become a safety monitor (see previous section).

For scans being performed outside of regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m., non-holiday), a scanner operator must undergo additional After Hours training. An operator can become eligible for After Hours training after successful completion of five scans.

What if my subject has an implant?

If participants have any type of implants (i.e. orthopedic hardware, heart stents, surgery clips, electronic implants, etc.), you cannot proceed with the MRI scan until written documents from the manufacturer, stating the conditions that must be followed to safely scan the participant, have been approved by Jerry Sonico (MRI Safety Officer) or designated IRC tech support personnel.

  • If a participant has had an MRI with an implant, never assume that the participant is safe to scan. You must still have approval before scanning your participant.
  • When approval of the implant is needed, the name of the manufacture, name of the implant, model number of the implant, and physician’s operative report must be submitted to the MRI Safety Officer.
  • Always allow a minimum of seven days before your participant's appointment to receive the manufacture’s recommendation to safely scan the participant with an implant.
  • If unable to acquire written documents confirming the conditions to safely perform an MRI scan, the participant may not be allowed to participate in an MRI study.
  • Violation of this policy are grounds for immediate suspension of the research lab, and all scheduled MRI scans will be canceled until the violation has been resolved.