The UC Davis Medical Center runs a firewall to keep out unwanted network traffic. If you need to access the Linux servers in the Imaging Research Center, this may pose an obstacle.

On the UCDMC Campus

If your computer is located on the medical center campus, then the firewall shouldn't be a problem for you. The MIND Institute fits into this category.

On the Davis Campus

If your computer is located somewhere on the Davis campus, then it can be added as an exception to the firewall. Please contact Scott Martin with your IP address or range of IP addresses to get this set up. The Center for Mind and Brain and the Center for Neuroscience fit into this category.


If you are a UC Davis Health employee, then you may be able to obtain a VPN account that will allow access through the firewall. Please visit to learn more.

If you are not employed by UC Davis Health and still need to transfer data to/from our servers, then please contact Scott Martin directly to find an appropriate solution.