To outline the required components of the Clinical Performance Examination (CPX).

All medical students

9.4 Assessment System        


  1. The Clinical Performance Exam (CPX) is a multi-stage objective structured clinical exam (OSCE) administered by UC Davis in collaboration with the California Consortium for the Assessment of Clinical Competence (CCACC) to all post-clerkship medical students.
  2. All graduating medical students are required to have completed Phases 1-3 of the CPX, and to meet the following performance standards:
    1. No more than 1.5 standard deviations (SD) below the mean in Overall Performance
    2. No more than 1.5 SD below the mean in History Taking and Physical Exam
    3. No more than 1.5 SD below the mean in Patient Education and Counseling
    4. No more than 1.0 SD below the mean in Patient-Physician Interaction
  3. Any student who does not meet the criteria above or is identified in Phase 3 as having a significant deficit, must participate in Phase 4 and Phase 5 for remediation.

        Phase 1, an 8-station OSCE, of the CPX takes place during the month of May of each year. Rising post-clerkship students receive their assigned Phase 1 time in February, but are able to swap timeslots with their peers. After completing Phase 1, students return 2-3 business days later to complete Phase 2, a self-assessment of their performance.

        Phase 3 is scheduled within 4 weeks after Phase 2 and involves the review of the student’s performance with their Academic Coach or the Director of Clinical Skills. Phase 3 will be completed within 8 weeks of completion of the UCD CPX cycle. Any student who requires remediation will enter a Phase 4 in which they will develop a remediation plan with the Director of Clinical Skills and Director of Remediation and implement the action plan before proceeding to Phase 5.

        Phase 5 is a 6-station OSCE CPX re-take examination that occurs no later than 4 months prior to graduation to ensure readiness for graduation.

        UCD CPX Rescheduling

        For students that need to adjust their Phase 1 schedule date within the UCD CPX cycle, they can exchange their timeslot with another student; this must be completed at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled CPX date. Each student must confirm the schedule change with the CPX Scheduling Coordinator and Director of Clinical Skills by email within the stated timeframe.

        If a student has an urgent/same day cancellation, they must notify the Associate Dean for Student, CPX Scheduling Coordinator, and Director of Clinical Skills by email to ensure proper rescheduling. The Clinical Education Resource Center (CERC) team will attempt to schedule another date within the UCD CPX cycle. However, if a timeslot is not available during the UCD CPX cycle the student will need to take the examination at another CCACC member school.

        CPX Outside of UCD

        If a student has a rare instance in which they are not able to complete CPX during the standard UCD CPX cycle, they must submit an off-site testing request form for approval at least 1 month prior to the UCD CPX cycle. This request will be reviewed by to the Associate Dean for Students, the CPX Scheduling Coordinator, and Director of Clinical Skills to allow for proper coordination of student testing if the request is approved. Such students must complete their CPX examination at one of the CCACC member schools during the standard CCACC member school CPX cycle (April-August). Students not completing the CPX exam by the end of August will be referred to the Committee on Student Promotions for failure to complete a graduation requirement.

        Director of Clinical Skills Assessment

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        Committee on Educational Policy

        Director of Clinical Skills Assessment
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        Committee on Student Promotions

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