To provide guidance on assigning incomplete ("I") grades in the School’s educational program

All Course Directors/faculty and medical students

9.9 Fair and Timely Summative Assessment


  1. Refer to the Davis Division Regulation A540C for pre-requisites for assigning "I" grades and their implications.
  2. Note that per the aforementioned Davis Division Regulation, "I" grades can only be assigned if the “student’s completed work (judged by itself and not in relation to the work required to pass the course as a whole) is of passing quality and represents a significant portion of the requirements for a final grade, but is incomplete for good cause as determined by the instructor. ‘Good cause’ may include illness, serious personal problems, an accident, a death in the immediate family, a large and necessary increase in working hours, or other situations deemed to be of equal gravity.”


  1. Upon notice of an “I” grade being assigned to a student the respective curriculum manager will notify the Committee on Student Promotions (CSP).
  2. The requirements for removing an “I” grade should be submitted by the Course Director to the student and to CSP, in writing.
  3. The Course Director should specify a suggested deadline for when the work should be completed (by default, the “I” grade must be replaced with a letter grade by the end of the 3rd succeeding quarter of academic residence or the grade will revert to an “F”).
  4. Course make-up work and/or re-examination shall not be scheduled during other courses.
  5. The CSP will review and approve all such requests and make the final determination of the deadline for completion of the work.
  6. The “I” grade may be replaced by a passing grade provided the student completes the work of the course in a way specified by the instructor.
  7. Once a final grade is available, the respective Curriculum Manager or staff will provide a completed Grade Change Petition Form to the Registrar’s Office so that the grade may be updated

Committee on Student Promotions

UC Davis School of Medicine Bylaws and Regulations, Regulation 70, Grades and Grading
Office of the University Registrar, Incomplete Grades
Davis Division Regulation A540-Grading

Committee on Student Promotions

Committee on Student Promotions*

February 2024; 3-year cycle

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