To outline processes to ensure students consistently enroll in each quarter in order to complete their M.D. degree within the required time frame.

All medical students

9.9 Student Advancement and Appeal Process  



  • eFlight: The School’s online registration tool for students in post-clerkship phase.
  • Enrollment: The courses and units/credits students are enrolled in after registration is complete.
  • Planned Educational Leave Program (PELP). A leave program allowing students to take a temporary pause in enrollment and academic work while guaranteeing return to their program to resume their studies. PELP is intended for personal needs of the student but can be used for other reasons, such as non-UC Davis-based research. Students are not enrolled in the UC Davis School of Medicine (i.e., the School) during the leave. This is reported to AAMC and future credentialing agencies.
  • Non-PELP: Student plan to be away for at least one quarter. Typically used for UC Davis dual-degree students. Students will be enrolled at UC Davis, but not in the School of Medicine, during the leave time. Non-PELP is reported to AAMC and future credentialing agencies.
  1. Students must be enrolled in coursework or on an official leave of absence (PELP or Non-PELP) every term until their degrees are awarded.
  2. If a student is not enrolled in the School and has not filed leave paperwork by the 10th day of instruction for the quarter, the student may be administratively withdrawn from the University. If administratively withdrawn, the student will need to reapply to the School for readmission.


  1. If students are in compliance and do not have any outstanding holds or balances on their student account, they are eligible for enrollment in coursework.
  2. With information from the Curriculum Managers, the Registrar's Office is responsible for ensuring students are enrolled in the correct coursework during the Pre-clerkship and Clerkship phase. The Curriculum Managers also work with the Associate Dean for Students and/or the Committee on Student Promotions to create modified curricula for students who get off track due to failures or other academic issues.
    1. Pre-Clerkship phase students: The Registrar’s Office will enroll students in courses per direction from the Curriculum Office.
    2. Clerkship phase students: The Curriculum Office will process enrollment through eFlight on the student's behalf based on the determined clerkship schedule. The Registrar's Office enrolls students into the official student information system, Banner, per the information listed in eFlight.
    3. Post-Clerkship phase students are responsible for completing their enrollment through eFlight. This process is overseen by the Curriculum Office. The Registrar’s Office enrolls students into the official student information system, Banner, per the information listed in eFlight.

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Student Leave Policy

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February 2024; 3-year review cycle

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