To outline the types of leave available to continuing students and the policies governing them.

All medical students

10.3 Policies Regarding Student Selection/Progress and Their Dissemination


  1. The School allows any continuing student to temporarily suspend academic work for reasons involving personal/health, academic, research, or other degree/academic enrichment pursual.
  2. The maximum leave is up to one year but may be extended with special circumstance approval. Any leave may have implications for financial aid eligibility. Students on leave who have borrowed loans will be required to complete exit loan counseling as mandated by the Dept of Education/HRSA and may enter repayment prior to their return.
  3. Students have 3 options: PELP, Non-PELP, or Time Off.
  4. All MD students must be enrolled in coursework or in one of the three types of leave by the 10th day of the quarter.
  5. All students are subject to the UC Davis Schedule of Refunds.


  • PELP: Students plan to be away for at least one quarter. Maximum PELP leave is one year, unless a special circumstance extension is granted. Intended for personal needs of the student but can be used for other reasons, such as non-UCD research or degrees. Students will not be enrolled at UCD during the leave. PELP leave is reported to AAMC and future credentialing agencies as well as to the National Clearinghouse – a loan servicer depository.
  • Non-PELP: Student plan to be away for at least one quarter. Typically used for UCD dual-degree students. Students will be enrolled at UCD (but not the SOM) during the leave time. Non-PELP is reported to AAMC and future credentialing agencies.
  • Time Off: Student will be away from the School for less than 1 quarter. Students will be enrolled during part of the quarter and will be assessed tuition & fees for that quarter. Students must complete a minimum of 9 units or 6 weeks of clinical work during a term to remain eligible for financial aid. If enrollment will fall below this minimum and the student was disbursed financial aid at the start of the term, the student may no longer qualify for the aid disbursed that term. Course completion issues must be worked out with the IORs and course coordinators, as necessary. Time off is not reported to AAMC and future credentialing agencies.


  1. Students must submit a request to the Registrar’s Office for the form to apply for leave. Registrar’s Office staff will ask appropriate questions to determine the type of leave the student is seeking and provide the proper form(s).
  2. Student must discuss leave with the Dean of Students (or their delegate), Financial Aid Director, and the Curriculum Manager who oversees the curriculum phase of the student’s level.
  3. The earliest effective date of the leave is the date the completed form is received by the Registrar’s Office.
  4. About a month before the expected return date, the Registrar’s Office staff will reach out to the student with reminders on compliance items that must be completed before the student can be registered for the coming quarter. Additionally, as needed, the Financial Aid Office will ensure that the student has fulfilled all requirements prior to resuming aid upon return. A student on leave may have needed to complete exit loan requirements or appealed for aid if the student didn’t make minimum progress prior to the leave. 

Registrar’s Office
Associate Dean of Students
Financial Aid Office
Curriculum Managers

UC Davis Planned Educational Leave Program

Tuition Fee Policy
Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy


Associate Dean of Students
Financial Aid Director
Curriculum Managers

February 2021: 3-year review cycle