UC Davis Geriatric Education Resource Center (GERC)

The primary goals of the UC Davis Geriatric Education Resource Center (GERC) isto support curriculum coordination in medical school and continuing professional and community education. The GERC support curriculum coordination and development to provide opportunities for health science students to be exposed to geriatric content that provides the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to effectively care for or interact with their elderly patients/clients. The GERC supports continuing professional and community education assuring that clinicians, allied health professionals and faculty members receive training/retraining in gerontology and geriatrics. This includes augmenting post graduate medical education and training in geriatric topics for interns, residents and faculty at departmental grand rounds.

InterProfessional Interest Group on Aging

Initiated by David Hsu, M.D. as outlined below in an excerpt from his 2011 Mini-Grant in Geriatric Education proposal:

Statement of need:

A Geriatrics Interest Group would help foster enthusiasm in geriatrics for students and faculty in the schools of health. Though many student interest groups exist for other medical specialties, none has yet existed for the field of geriatrics at UC Davis. Mentorship in geriatrics has stemmed from several faculty members, which have included at least two geriatricians, three geriatric psychiatrists, and several nursing faculty members. Opportunities for student involvement thus are wide, but variable. Just as the health system now refers to the community known as “the schools of health,” a  center that can bring individuals interested in geriatrics together across disciplines should exist. The interprofessional core of this group will thus be founded on principles of teamwork and creativity in caring for the aging community. This grant will help establish this group, as well as fund locations and speakers for quarterly meetings.



Interest Group on Aging
3/18/13 – Physician Panel - “Keeping Grandma Safe”
Cal Hirsch, M.D., Geriatrician, David Dawson, MD, Vascular Surgeon
Kerry McMahon, M.D., Emergency Medicine, Nathan Fairman, M.D., Psychiatry, Palliative Care
Moderator: David Hsu

Distinguished Speaker
Christopher M. Callahan, M.D., F.A.C.P.

UCDHS Interprofessional Interest Group on Aging
Betty Irene Moor School of Nursing
Department of Family and Community Medicine
Department of Internal Medicine
Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science


Grand Rounds – Department of Internal Medicine
10/24/13 - “Care and maintenance of the aging brain”
Dr. Callahan reviews current understanding of continuum from normal aging to mild cognitive impairment to dementia and describes current guidelines and evidence base for medical care of older adults with MCI and dementia

Distinguished Speaker - Cancer Center Auditorium<
10/24/13 -“Care across the continuum: fumbling, following, and leading”
Dr. Callahan reviews evidence base for interventions designed to improve care transitions; describes design and outcomes of collaborative care trials and; considers next steps in research to reduce fragmentation

Grand Rounds – Department of Psychiatry
10/25/13 “New models of integrated mental health care: moving evidence into practice”
Dr. Callahan reviews Institute of Medicine recommendations for moving evidence into practice; Describes challenges and opportunities for implementation and; considers new models of care that integrate medical and mental  health care



School of Nursing – Distinguished Speaker
1/31/12 - “Transitions: Avoidable re-admissions”
Mary D Naylor, Ph.D., F.A.A.N., R.N., Professor in Gerontology;
Director of New Courtland Center for Transitions & Health
U Penn School of Nursing

Grand Rounds – Department of Psychiatry
4/13/12 - “Successful Aging and Wisdom”
Dilip V. Jeste, M.D., Chief Geriatric Psychiatry , UC San Diego

Orthopaedic Residents
5/29/12 -“Delirium and Pain in the Older Patient
Michi Yukawa, M.D.
UC San Francisco Geriatrician

Grand Rounds - Department of Surgery
7/14/12 - Population-based surgical outcomes: Functional outcomes in the frail elderly
Emily Finlayson, M.D. UC San Francisco Department of Surgery

Interest Group on Aging
8/27/2012 “Dinner and A Movie”
Movie Clips and Discussion: “Iris”, Savages”, Something’s Gotta Give”
David Hsu, M.D. and Mark Robinson, M.S.W.

Interest Group on Aging
10/29/12 InterProfessional Panel - “Number one priority for improving care for older patients”
Discussants: Yan Huang, R.N., P.H.N., Clinical Case Manager, Berneet Kaur, M.D., Alzheimer’s Research Center
Michelle O'Rourke M.S.N., Geriatric Nurse Practitioner, Glenda Till, Social Worker, Geriatric Clinic
Moderator: David Hsu, M.D.



Orthopaedic ResidentsTalk
6/24/11 - “Delirium and Pain in the Older Patient”
Bree Johnston, M.D.
UC San Francisco Geriatrician

Grand Rounds - Department of Surgery
7/19/11 - “Perioperative Care of the Older Patient”
Michael Harper, M.D., UC San Francisco Associate Director Geriatrics

Emergency Department Residents
11/15/11“Delirium and Dementia and Capacity”
Helen Chen, M.D., Geriatrician,
Professor, UC San Francisco
Chief Medical Officer
Center for Elders Independence PACE program,

Internal Medicine Interns/Residents
12/19/11 - “Geriatric Pharmacy Considerations”
"Case Presentations in Geriatric Pharmacotherapy"
Timothy W. Cutler, Pharm.D., C.G.P.,
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
Curriculum Development and Review



UCC TV Talks 2013

Coming soon:

"Falls in Older Adults"
Louise Aronson, M.D., Geriatrician
Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine
UC San Francisco

"Healthy Bones Fight Fracture with Fitness"
Wendy Katzman P.T., D.P.T.Sc., O.C.S.
Associate Professor,
UC San Francisco


UC TV Talks 2010

“Farewell to Falls: A Best Practice Model for Fall Prevention”
Ellen Corman, M.R.A., Injury Prevention Coordinator
Stanford University Medical Center, Trauma Service

“Cancer Screening, Conscious Aging and Survivorship”
Marlene von-Friederichs-Fitzwater, Ph.D.,
UC Davis Cancer Center

Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (POLST): Honoring Patients’ Wishes for Treatment
Jim Mittelberger, M.D. and Judy Citko, J.D., Compassionate Care Alliance

POLST: Having the Conversation
Jim Mittelberger, M.D.
National Chief Medical Officer, Evercare Hospice and Palliative Care
Ovations / United Health Care


Mini-Medical School Talks in Spanish - 2010

“La Buena Salud Empieza con la Salud Mental Promover la salud mental en su vida cotidiana”
(“Good Health Begins with Mental Health”) by Sergio Aguilar-Gaxiola, M.D., UC Davis Center for Reducing Health Disparities,

“¡Me duele!” (¿Qué es el dolor? ¿El dolor crónico?) Imagenes visuales para ayuda percepcion del dolor”
(“What is pain? Chronic pain?”), by David Copenhaver, M.D., UC Davis Division of Pain Management, “

¿Colesterol Bueno, Colesterol Malo, Cuál es la Diferencia? La importancia del colesterol y otros lípidos”
Ramiro Zuniga, M.D., Department of Family Medicine, San Joaquin General Hospital, UC Davis Clinical Volunteer Faculty.

“Presión arterial alta Sus síntomas y como vivir con la alta presión”
(“High Blood Pressure”) by Efrain Talamantes, M.D., UC Davis Department of Internal Medicine,


UC TV Talks 2008

“Rheumatoid Arthritis: Part One- Update on Treatments”
Michael H. Weisman, Professor of Medicine
UC Los Angeles
School of Medicine

Rheumatoid Arthritis: Part Two - Update on treatments
Michael H. Weisman, Professor of Medicine
UC Los Angeles
School of Medicine

Alzheimer’s Disease Update”
Bruce Reed, Ph.D.
Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
UC Davis School of Medicine

Elder Abuse: An update on the nature of elder abuse.”
Laura Mosqueda, M.D.,
Chair Department of Family and Community Medicine
Director Geriatrics, UC Irvine

“Elder Abuse:Forensic Markers of Elder Abuse
Laura Mosqueda, M.D.,
Chair Department of Family and Community Medicine
Director Geriatrics, UC Irvine


UCTV Talks 2007

“Perdida de la Memoria y Enfermedad de Alzheimer la memoria y la enfermedad de Alzheimer”
William Seavey, M.D.
Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center
UC Davis
School of Medicine

Falls: The Prevention and Effects of Falling
Huey Lin, M.D., Geriatrician
Department of Family and Community Medicine
UC Davis Medical Center

Memory Maintenance: Keeping Memory Alive and Well”
Larry Dawes, M.S.W., C.M.C.
Eskaton Senior Residences


UC TV Talks 2006

“Medicare Part D” (No longer available to view)
Timothy  W. Cutler, Pharm.D., C.G.P.
Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy
Director, UC Davis - Sacramento Experiential Program
UC San Francisco School of Pharmacy