Robert Cudmore, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Residence
4218 Tupper Hall
Davis Campus
530- 754 - 6681
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Research Interests

Research in our lab is focused on understanding neuronal and vascular function. We are particularly interested in teasing apart how individual cells in these systems cooperate to orchestrate network level behavior. We approach this using a combination of techniques including mouse-genetics, behavior, electrophysiology, in vivo two-photon imaging, and cutting-edge data analysis pipelines.

Developing data analysis pipelines

As our ability to collect more detailed and increasingly larger datasets becomes commonplace, a major bottleneck is the analysis of this data. We are building the next generation pipelines to fill this gap and manage this data analysis across a range of modalities including: neuronal structure, Ca++ signaling, and vascular plasticity.

Structure and function of cerebral vasculature

The neuro-vascular-unit (NVU) is comprised of an ecosystem of cell types including endothelial cells, pericytes, and smooth muscle cells. The NVU is tasked with maintaining brain health by providing moment by moment changes in blood flow and removal of waste. When the NVU goes awry, blood supply and nutrients are mismatched to metabolic demands and cells begin to fail. This occurs in diseases such as stroke, hypertension, and diabetes. Yet, it is now becoming clear that NVU pathologies  underlie diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cognitive deficits seen during the inevital process of aging. We are approaching this by examining the function and dysfunction of key cellular players involved in these disease pathologies.

Graduate Group Affiliations

An updated list of current publications: PubMed | Google Scholar