Barbara Horwitz, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus
280 Briggs Hall
Davis Campus

Research Interests

Neural, hormonal, and genetic regulation of cellular oxidative metabolism, energy balance, obesity, and thermogenesis. Extracellular signal reception/intracellular signal transduction and uncoupling proteins; physiological changes with obesity/aging.

Graduate Group Affiliations

Hamilton, JS, SM Chau, KJ Malins, GG Ibanez, JM Horowitz, BA Horwitz. Syrian hamster neuroplasticity mechanisms fail as temperature declines to 15°C, but histaminergic neuromodulation persists. J Comp Physiol B 2017 Jul;187(5-6):779-791

Mikhailova, A, J Mack, N Vitagliano, JS Hamilton, JM Horowitz, BA Horwitz. Recovery of Syrian hamster hippocampal signaling following its depression during oxygen-glucose deprivation is enhanced by cold temperatures and by hibernation. Neurosci Lett 621:98-103, 2016.

Sekizawa, S-I, B Horwitz, J Horowitz, C-Y Chen. 2013. Protection of signal processing at low temperature in baroreceptive neurons in the nucleus tractus solitarius of Syrian hamsters, a hibernating species. Am J Physiol Regul, Integr & Comp Physiol, 305 (10) R1153-62.

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Arant, RJ, MS Goo, PD Gill, YH Nguyen, KD Watson, JS Hamilton, JM Horowitz, BA Horwitz 2011. Decreasing temperature switches hippocampal function from memory formation to modulation of hibernation bout duration in Syrian hamsters. Am J Physiol Regul, Integr & Comp Physiol 301 (2) R438-47.

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  • Cellular Physiology; Metabolic Physiology
  • National Institute of Health Merit Award
  • Academic Senate Distinguished Teaching Award
  • UC Davis Prize for Teaching and Scholarly Achievement
  • Arthur C. Guyton Physiology Teacher of the Year
  • Past President, American Physiological Society
  • Past President, Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine
  • Board of Directors, Federation of American Societies