To learn more about each program within the California Postbaccalaureate Consortium, visit the links below.

For inquiries about the California Postbaccalaureate Consortium partnership or general questions about the joint application, the first-point of contact is the California Postbaccalaureate Consortium Coordinator at

For specific questions regarding a program, email the institution's program coordinator.


Program Costs and Timelines

Program costs are unique to each campus based on undergraduate tuition/fees, graduation certificate tuition/fees, and other program stipends/assistance, if offered. Please visit each individual campus' website or contact their program directly for additional information on tuition and fees. 

Charles R. Drew Postbaccalaureate Leadership Program 

  • Program begins in Mid-May
  • The program provides both lower and upper division undergraduate science course options to students through the College of Science and Health. Program fee is $5,000 per term for 3 terms. Accepted applicants will need to submit a non-refundable deposit of $500 within one (2) week of notification of admission to confirm enrollment in program. Deposit will be credited towards tuition/fees upon starting the program.*

           *Subject to change

Huwighurruk Tribal Health Postbaccalaureate Program

  • Program begins in Summer or Fall
  • The program provides undergraduate upper division science course options to students through the various colleges at Cal Poly Humboldt in Arcata, CA. Program fees including tuition, housing, and a living stipend will be covered/provided by the program.
  • Applicants must meet mission specific program eligibility requirements to be considered for the program.*

           *Subject to Change

UC Davis School of Medicine Postbaccalaureate Program

UCI School of Medicine Postbaccalaureate Program 

  • Program begins in June 
  • Paticipants will enroll in undergraduate upper-division coursework at UC Irvine. Students are responsible for all costs including living expenses, undergraduate tuition/registration fees and any additional educational costs over the course of the program.

UCLA Reapplicant Program (UCLA RAP) 

  • Program begins in September 
  • Participants, in close consultation with program advisors, will select their courses through UCLA Extension or a local California State University. Students are expected to pay any tutition and/or fees for courses enrolled in.

UCSF School of Medicine Post Baccalaureate Program 

Program Similarities

Similarities across all programs:

  • All programs have their own unique admissions processes, timelines, and interview processes 
  • Approximately year long structured academic enhancer pre-med postbaccalaureate programs 
  • Coursework taken tends to be upper-division science coursework 
  • Admitted students are enncouraged to apply for FAFSA/CA Dream Act in March of the year applying. Most postbaccalaureate students utilize federal or private loans to cover tuition costs
  • Majority of progams are full-time and have a no work requirement 
  • All programs over a free MCAT preparation component 
  • Over the last decade, all programs have above a 90% matriculation rate to medical school

Program Partners Contact Information

CDU Postbaccalaureate Leadership Program

Charles R. Drew University of Medicine and Science 

1731 E. 120th St., Los Angeles, CA 90059 

email | website

Huwighurruk Tribal Health Postbaccalaureate Program
Cal Poly Humboldt
1 Harpst Street
Arcata, CA 95521


UC Davis School of Medicine Postbaccalaureate Program
UC Davis School of Medicine
Office of Student and Resident Diversity
4610 X Street
Sacramento, CA 95817
email | website




University of California, Irvine
Office of Admissions and Outreach
Medical Education Building
836 Health Sciences Road
Irvine, CA 92697-4089
email | website



David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
Reapplication Program (UCLA RAP)
Office of Diversity Inclusion and Outreach
305 Geffen Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-6990
email | website
Only reapplicants accepted


UCSF School of Medicine
Post Baccalaureate Program
Office of Post Baccalaureate and Outreach Programs
521 Parnassus Avenue, Second Floor Box 0710
San Francisco, CA 94143-0710
email | website