The University of California Schools of Medicine offer comprehensive postbaccalaureate programs designed to assist students from educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds in gaining admission to medical school.  The programs seek students who are committed to practicing in underserved communities of California.

Located at UC Davis, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, and UC San Francisco, each program provides:

  1. An intensive Medical College Admissions test (MCAT) preparation and learning skills component
  2. Enrollment in upper division science courses during the academic year either at a UC campus or UC Extension
  3. Guidance throughout the medical school application process

Some programs also provide clinical and research opportunities. The programs are open to medical school reapplicants and/or first-time applicants.

This site is part of a joint online application service for the UC Consortium Postbaccalaureate programs, which allows candidates to apply to one or more of the programs using one application.

Program Structure

Summer Session

Program timelines vary by UC. However, all of our programs include an intensive summer component preparing students for the MCAT. MCAT preparation includes content review and test-taking strategies.

There is group and individualized work on learning skills, time management, confidence-building and stress reduction - all intended to help students realize their full potential on the MCAT and in all of their academic work.  Students in the UC Los Angeles program have an option to take courses during the summer in addition to MCAT preparation.

Students in the UC Irvine program begin the summer by enrolling full-time in academic courses during the summer session I and II. MCAT preparation for this program begins in the fall quarter, with verbal reasoning preparation course, and the full-time MCAT preparation course in the Spring quarter.

Academic Year

During the academic year, students enroll full-time in rigorous upper-division science courses at a UC and/or UC Extension. Students are expected to maintain a GPA of 3.5 or better in their courses. Students are not permitted to work during the academic year.

The course work is an opportunity for students to implement new learning skills and study habits, broaden their knowledge base, and demonstrate that they will excel in the challenging academic environment of medical school. Participants also attend seminars on the health care of underserved populations.

Application Process

Program staff and consultants work closely with participants throughout the medical school application process.  Guidance is provided on personal statements, school selection, secondary essays, etc.  Each student participates in a videotaped mock interview.  Guidance on the application process continues beyond the academic year.


For specific questions about the UC Postbaccalaureate Consortium, contact the coordinator at pbcentraladmin@ucdavis.edu.