Dr. Evans has maintained an active research lab by obtaining peer-reviewed funding from DOD and NIH sources. His basic science research focuses on neuropeptides mediated signal transduction in prostate cancer. He has made several novel observations to include signaling molecules, which can activate the androgen receptor in an androgen-free environment. This promotes the early transition to androgen-independent prostate cancer. He identified Src kinase as a potential target against which he is using a novel drug known as AZD0530 which has significant inhibitory effect on this molecule. He developed a novel neuroendocrine prostate cancer model and is using this to both delineate molecular pathways and look at therapeutic targets with novel compounds. Dr. Evans has published over 80 research papers in leading journals such as Cancer Research, PNAS, Clinical Cancer Research and Oncogene. He supports his specialty nationally by remaining active in numerous extramural administrative and service functions, including committees with SWOG, AACR, and grant review panels and journal reviews. Additionally, he has been a strong contributor to UC Davis by serving on numerous important committees. Dr. Evans is a major contributor in the field of urological oncology and is recognized as such both nationally and internationally.