A Resident Physician holds a medical degree and is licensed to practice medicine. Residents, as they are more commonly called, are training to specialize in an area of medicine.

Chief Residents PGY 6 (Uro 5):
Onika Noel
Onika Noel, M.D.
Phillip Hsiao
Philip Hsiao, M.D.
Neil Pugashetti
Neil Pugasehtti, M.D.

PGY 5 (Uro 4) Residents:

Sriniwasan Mani, M.D.

Ifeanyi Onyeji, M.D.

PGY 4 (Uro 3) Residents:

Jonathan Hu, M.D.

Phillip Kim, M.D.

Son Nguyen, M.D.

PGY 3 (Uro 3) Residents:

Steven Monda, M.D.

Emmanuel Tavares, M.D.

PGY 2 (Uro 2) Residents:

Gabriela Gonzalez, M.D.

Hansen Lui, M.D.

PGY 1 (Uro 1):
Robert Shahinyan
Robert Shahinyan, M.D.
Alexei Kopelevich
Alexei Kopelevich, M.D.