A Resident Physician holds a medical degree and is licensed to practice medicine. Residents, as they are more commonly called, are training to specialize in an area of medicine.

Chiefs Residents  

Steven Monda, M.D.

Emmanuel Tavares, M.D.


PGY 4 (Uro 4) Residents  
Gabriela Gonzalez
Gabriela Gonzalez, M.D.
Hansen Lui
Hansen Lui, M.D.


PGY 3 (Uro 3) Residents  
Robert Shahinyan
Robert Shahinyan, M.D.
Alexei Kopelevich
Alexei Kopelevich M.D.


PGY 2 (Uro 2) Residents  
Aman arora
Aman Arora, M.D.

Krista Chun, M.D.


PGY 1 (Uro 1) Residents

Leslie Bernal Charondo, M.D.

Han Hee Kim, M.D.        

Nathan Samora, M.D.