Able and experienced staff are the key to the UC Davis Vascular Laboratory's excellence. Vascular technologists with specialized training and clinical focus perform a variety of non-invasive vascular studies every day.

Individuals are eligible to take a nationally recognized registry examination following an appropriate educational and clinical pathway. The exam tests their skills and knowledge in vascular pathophysiology, noninvasive vascular testing techniques, hemodynamics and ultrasound physics. The most respected and recognized testing body is the American Registry of Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (ARDMS).

Vascular technology is one of the several ultrasound registry disciplines offered through ARDMS. Upon successful completion of this exam, the individual is then recognized as a registered vascular technologist (R.V.T.).  The technologist is required to obtain ongoing continuing education throughout their career to maintain their registry status. This keeps the professional up to date with new and constantly changing technology and procedures.

It is highly recommended, and mandated in some regions, that an individual be a current R.V.T. to perform any vascular lab examination. This ensures top quality and a thorough knowledge base for each exam. All our technologists are required to become registered within a designated time period from initial employment.

In addition to being registered vascular technologists, many of our technical staff regularly participate in annual industry conferences where they help other technologists improve knowledge and gain expertise. Their efforts at these events further exemplifies the technical excellence of the UC Davis Vascular Laboratory.