Philanthropy is critical to supporting the UC Davis Vascular Center in:

  • Providing the best in total vascular care for our patients
  • Discovering and delivering innovative treatments for vascular disease
  • Training the next generation of vascular clinicians in the most advanced skills

The decision to give is highly personal, and we encourage you to explore with us the opportunities for support that inspire you the most. Here are just some of the areas you can choose to fund:

Physician recruitment
Endowed chair gifts help attract and retain top-quality physicians and scientists with the high-level skills and expertise needed to serve patients with complex cardiovascular problems.

Innovative medical education
Training physicians, nurses and other health-care practitioners in the latest, most effective techniques improves patient care and keeps our standards among the highest in the nation.

Leading-edge research
Advancing new, minimally invasive techniques and technologies increases accuracy and efficiency, shortens recovery times, and improves patient outcomes and quality of life. For instance, we are among the first vascular centers in the nation to test stem cell treatments that could reduce the number of amputations required to treat late-stage peripheral artery disease.

Unfunded patient care
The UC Davis Vascular Center provides medical services for patients who do not have the financial resources to pay for their care.

Wellness and prevention
The nationally recognized, fully accredited UC Davis Cardiovascular Rehabilitation and Preventive Cardiology Program helps patients manage their illnesses while supporting lifestyle changes like healthy eating, smoking cessation and increased physical activity. 

We invite you to be a part of our patient-care, education and research efforts. Find out how you can make a gift that meets your goals and transforms the lives of vascular patients by contacting UC Davis Health Sciences Development at 916-734-4069 or