A Message from the Acting Vice Chair for Research

The Department of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine at University of California Davis is committed to providing the best perioperative patient care, ensuring improved outcomes via advanced research led by dedicated professors and research staff.    Our innovative research translates into better patient care.


We conduct medical research in clinical and laboratory settings, collaborating with other divisions, departments and institutions within UC Davis Health and beyond. Our goal is to develop novel ideas in research and generate new knowledge in perioperative patient management.


Research is made possible by the collective efforts of anesthesiologists and their associated staff and supported by government grants as well as private industry sources. As part of a teaching hospital, our faculty hold numerous research grants from both federal and non-federal sources.  The research program produces a large number of peer-reviewed papers, presentations at national and international meetings, and visiting professorships.


For information on Anesthesiology Research, please contact:

Dr. Hong Liu - email




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