We're prepared and ready for our expecting moms

Last updated May 9, 2023

It’s natural to still feel some anxiety about whether viruses and infectious illnesses will be present in the community at the time of your birth experience.

Please know that you are not alone — we’re here to support you. We are prepared and ready for our expecting moms, and have protocols in place to ensure women have safe deliveries. 

These measures include some policies for visitors and guests that are designed to help keep you safe, but also allow for extra in-person support in addition to the care you’ll receive from our team. 

Frequently asked questions:

Our labor and delivery patients may have two people at the bedside at a time, with the ability to switch visitors out. This means patients can have an unlimited number of visitors cycling through, but only two of these visitors at a time. 

If desired by the patient, a doula is also permitted to be present.

As always, these support persons and visitors – like all others throughout our hospital – are only allowed if they do not have symptoms of illness, such as fever, cough or shortness of breath. We can't allow children under 16 at this time.

Visitors and caregivers (including parents or guardians) who are COVID-positive are not allowed in the inpatient setting.

As always, we can offer our expecting moms the extraordinary expertise of the Sacramento region's only nationally ranked academic health center and Sacramento's No. 1-ranked hospital.

In addition to skilled partnership for routine pregnancies, we can provide the highest standard of management for high-risk pregnancies, unique health concerns, complications, and unexpected situations. This expertise, also available on-site around the clock, is a hallmark of our care. We are uniquely prepared for special situations and emergencies.

UC Davis experts also share their expertise nationally and internationally in the care of pregnant mothers and newborns.

We typically offer regular in-person, nurse-guided maternity tours. Schedules for these tours vary. When no in-person tour is avaialable, expecting moms can still view a maternity tour online.

We accept many major health insurance plans. To learn more about us or begin your maternity care with us, please give us a call: