Dear Colleagues,

UC Davis Health is a vibrant, multi-layered, dynamically diverse community making a positive difference locally, regionally, and nationally through our research, education, and public service. What makes our great community work are the relationships we have with each other, our patients, and our community members. We strive to treat those around us with dignity, inclusion, and respect. We do this best by not just treating others as we would want to be treated, but by treating others as they would want to be treated. [Read the full statement from Associate Vice Chancellor, Hendry Ton, M.D., M.S.]

The week of February 22-26, 2021 we celebrated our Principles for Community Week with the theme, “cultural humility”, welcoming 200+ attendees in the virtual space to the Opening Ceremony Event with remarks and messages from Chancellor Gary S. May, Dr. Renetta Garrison Tull, Vice Chancellor of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Dr. David Lubarsky, Vice Chancellor of Human Health Sciences and UC Davis Health CEO, Dr. Lorena Oropeza, Interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Academic Diversity and I.

From film screenings to panel discussions and resource fairs to virtual mixers, in a milestone achievement during a pandemic, staff, faculty and students across UC Davis campuses in Davis and Sacramento came together to celebrate the Principles of Community – our shared aspirations to value our individual differences and common ground, as we work to create an inclusive and intellectually vibrant community.

The commitment to our shared Principles of Community isn’t just shown in one week, this week serves as a form of recognition and celebration for the great work that is done throughout the year by our students, faculty, staff, faculty and administrators. The work that is done to recognize and cherish the richness contributed to our daily lives by the greatness of our diversity and the pride we have in our collective achievements, goes to show that we can make an impact and that we are stronger together. As we reflect on the past year, let’s acknowledge the challenges and where there could have been improvement, but now let’s learn from the past to focus on a better future. A future that is full of hope, but will not be without its own challenges, the possibilities for our collective impact, and our ability to continue to celebrate our differences that have led us toward these opportunities of change and success.

Yours in health,

Hendry Ton, M.D., M.S.
Associate Vice Chancellor for Health Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion