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UC Davis Health statement on Roe v. Wade ruling

A message from the UC Davis Health, published on June 24, 2022, Friday Update

In California, nothing will change as a result of this court’s decision. The University of California, and UC Davis Health, will continue to provide all services to women, just as we have before.

As you may have heard in the news today, the U.S. Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 court decision which made abortion legal nationwide. In the wake of this court ruling, rules about pregnancy-ending health care services return to being a decision made in each individual state.

In California, nothing will change as a result of this court’s decision. The University of California, and UC Davis Health, will continue to provide all services to women, just as we have before. Full message

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World Refugee Day

We want to take a moment to pause and reflect on the experiences of our refugee community and honor their bravery in the pursuit of safety. This year on June 20th the world will honor World Refugee Day with the focus being on the right to seek safety. World Refugee Day was designated as an international day in 2000 by the United Nations General Assembly to build empathy and recognize people who have fled their home country. Full post

Honoring Heritage Months

At UC Davis Health, we value the profound nature of diverse cultures – and that is why May is such an inspiring month in a yearlong celebration of our unique humanity. Full post

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Racial Justice Dashboard

Use this tool for self-education and explore ways to engage in anti-racism efforts.

We want to hear from you!

Please feel free to share your thoughts, feedback and any steps you are taking to address racism, health inequities, and diversity and inclusiveness in your work and personal life.

Principles of Community

This nearly 30-year-old document serves as an aspirational statement affirming our commitment to the highest standards of civility and decency towards all.

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Internal partner eventTeam Research Forum: "Reproductive Rights and Health: The Broader Impacts of Roe vs. Wade"

Friday, July 15, 2022, 10:00 a.m - 12:00 p.m.

Join the Office of Research for a discussion that will highlight the broader impacts of the recent Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

This discussion will highlight research activity in this area across our campus, including, but not limited to, law, gender studies, economics, health care, political science, and religious studies. In doing so, this event will provide our campus community with fact-based research and information on the near- and long-term impacts of this significant legal decision.

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    • Mary Ziegler, J.D., Professor of Law, UC Davis School of Law
    • Lisa Ikemoto, J.D., Martin Luther King Jr. Professor of Law, UC Davis School of Law, Feminist Research Institute
    • Mitchell Creinin, M.D., Professor, UC Davis School of Medicine
    • Natalia Deeb-Sossa, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Chicano/a Studies, UC Davis
    • Sarah R. McCullough, Ph.D., Associate Director, Feminist Research Institute

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    E-LearningSelf-paced UC Learning Center opportunities

    Addressing Microaggressions in Health Professions Learning Environments (1.0 CME credit)

    Understanding How Stereotype Threat Impacts Health Professions Students (1.0 CME credit)

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    Presented by UC Davis School of Medicine Continuing Medical Education.

    Audience: UC employees. 

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    Resources and Information

    Food pantry

    Food access in your community

    Food security, local resources

    Food security and food access are a growing concern for many in Sacramento. Listed here are a number of resources such as local food banks and other community-based organizations (CBOs) doing work to help meet this critical need.

    closed sign during coronavirus pandemic

    Local resources and multicultural services

    Multilingual guidance, community clinics

    A compilation of COVID-19 related resources and services from UC Davis Health, local CBOs, chambers of commerce, and other groups for multicultural, multilingual, and under-served communities.

    Hands embracing painted heart rock, stock

    Mental health and well-being

    Coping, managing stress, emotional support

    Many people have questions about ways to cope with stress experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic. Several local resources exist to help individuals cope and even thrive.

    Looking for ways to help?

    We’ve compiled a number of resources to help connect you with groups in our community helping those in need.

    Ways you can help
    network illustration of people wearing face masks

    COVID-19 articles, research and guidance

    Coronavirus stats, common myths

    Read the articles, research, media stories and leadership statements to help understand the science and data of novel coronavirus.

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    Help for immigrant and undocumented communiti

    Assistance, national and regional resources

    Novel coronavirus has elevated the concerns for immigrant families’ access to health care and economic well-being. Several resources exist to help.

    laptop showing online webinar, stock image

    Virtual Learning

    Webinars, online education events

    Education, training and learning provide positive ways to channel our energies. Several online opportunities exist for our multicultural communities to learn new strategies and build their skills.