Curated by Neesha Patel (she/they), Ph.D.
Behavioral Health Consultant
Staff and Faculty Health and Well-Being
UC Davis Occupational Health

This week we ask you to devote one minute to your well-being and choose from the following brief meditation and breathing exercises curated by Neesha Patel, Ph.D. for our campus communities during the, often hectic, month of October.

We encourage you to use this time now or save and bookmark the exercises to incorporate these into your days ahead.

Meditation for Stress 

  • (1 minute) "One Minute Meditation for Stress" (Headspace):



  • (5 minutes) "Mindful Walking" (Stop and Breathe)

Neesha Patel
I work in Occupational Health’s Staff and Faculty Health and Well-being program which is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of all UC Davis academic and staff employees. We offer a number of well-being programs including stress resilience programs, gentle yoga, tai chi, walker tracker, Active Aggies, a variety of online programs such as Healthy Holiday Challenge, Rest and Revive Campaign, the Fruits and Veggies Fan Club, Diabetes Prevention Program and more. Neesha Patel, Ph.D. (she/they), Behavioral Health Consultant, Staff & Faculty Health and Well-being

For more tips on managing stress, learn more about the Stress Resilience programs offered by Occupational Health Services at UC Davis.

Additional Resources:

Special COVID related emotional wellbeing resources (includes return to in-person work resources).

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