My daughter was life flighted into UC Davis after a car accident involving a semi-truck. She was immediately rushed into surgery for a decompressed skull fracture and TBI.

The amount of care we received from everyone we encountered at UC Davis Children’s Hospital made our experience better. Our accident was mere weeks after the destruction of our home and town in the Camp Fire in Paradise. Jaelyn’s nurses showed an immense amount of care in not only her recovery but also in mine.

I wish I knew everyone’s last names who helped us, but I sadly don’t. Neal was Jaelyn’s PICU nurse and was amazing! The way he would speak to Jaelyn, explaining everything he was doing, despite her being in a coma. Jennifer Sutherland and Jen were two of Jaelyn’s favorite nurses on the pediatric floor. They made her feel so special and quelled any fears she had.

We arrived at UC Davis just emotionally defeated and completely lost. The staff – from doctors to nurses to therapist – even cafeteria staff, enveloped us in kindness and care and community. We felt heard and like a priority. Everyone had a part in making this terrible situation a little bit easier. We felt as though we were part of a team, and everyone was invested in Jaelyn’s recovery.

Jaelyn during her hospital stay

– Testimonial submitted by Megan Pitts, Jaelyn’s mother