“Maggie was diagnosed with TB Meningitis at 8 months old. She had a very hard and rough recovery but with the help of all the wonderful nurses and doctors, my Maggie overcame so many obstacles. From having seizures and a brain stroke, she has proven that with love and prayer anything is possible.

UC Davis Children’s Hospital made our experience so comfortable and easy. They made sure my family and I were prepared for everything that was expected to occur with a special needs child.

I wish I can mention everyone who is involved in my daughter’s care because they have all impacted our life so much. But we are sending a special thank you to Jessica Yen from Davis 7, who we love and miss dearly.

Jessica Yen is an amazing human being. She treated us more like family. She taught me so much about my daughter’s care and needs. Any question I asked was answered and she was so patient with me. Her warm hugs and big smile made our journey less heart aching and more bright and positive! My daughter is now 8 years old and being raised with the same love that nurse Jessica Yen left in our hearts.

We want to also send love and our appreciation to everyone on Davis 10 for always being there for Maggie and for always making sure we felt comfortable and included when it comes to Maggie’s care.”

– Testimonial submitted by Claudia Nunez