Thomas N. Blankenship, Ph.D.
Senior Lecturer Emeritus
3309 Tupper Hall
Davis Campus

  • Vision science; Medical Education

Blankenship, T.N., A.C. Enders. Modification of uterine vasculature during pregnancy in macaques. 2003 Microscopy Research and Technique. 60:390-401.

DePianto, D.J., T.N. Blankenship, J.F. Hess, P.G. FitzGerald. Analysis of non-crystallin lens fiber cell gene expression in c-Maf -/- mice. 2003 Molecular Vision, 9:288-294.

Carter, A.M., T.N. Blankenship, H. Kuenzle, A.C. Enders. Structure of the definitive placenta of the primitive afrotherian tenrec, Echinops telfairi. 2003 Placenta, in press.

Alizadeh, A., J. Hess, J.L. Clark, T. Seeberger, T. Blankenship, P. FitzGerald. Targeted deletion of the lens fiber cell-specific intermediate filament protein filensin. 2003 Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, in press.