John Hess, Ph.D.
Researcher Emeritus
3415 Tupper Hall
Davis Campus

The lens contains two distinct Intermediate Filament (IF) related cytoskeletal structures: vimentin composed IFs and filensin and phakinin composed Beaded Filaments. The detailed structure of both of these structures is not known.

In collaboration with John Voss, Dr. Hess has studied vimentin structure and assembly using site directed spin labeling and EPR. He has also performed experiments adapting the chaperone activity of alpha crystallin to maintain the solubility of proteins expressed in E. coli and in vitro in solution.

Finally, in collaboration with John Angelos, Dr. Hess has helped clone and characterize a hemolysin expressed by Moraxella bovis, an opportunistic ocular pathogen of cattle, and conducted studies using the hemolysin as a potential vaccine.

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