Stanley Meizel, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
4303 Tupper Hall
Davis Campus

My major research interests have been the cellular and molecular aspects of mammalian gametes and mammalian fertilization (in particular, an essential fertilization step, the acrosome reaction (AR)). My work included the discovery of the zymogen form of the sperm enzyme acrosin, the ability of progesterone to initiate the AR, and the importance of sperm neurotransmitter receptor/ion channels to the AR.

Kumar, P. and S. Meizel (2008). Identification and spatial distribution of glycine receptor subunits in human sperm. Reproduction, 136:387-390.

Meizel, S. and J-H. Son (2005). Studies of sperm from mutant mice suggesting that two neurotransmitter receptors are important to the zona pellucida-initiated acrosome reaction. Molecular Reproduction and Development, 72:250-258.

Meizel, S (2004). The sperm, a neuron with a tail: neuronal receptors in mammalian sperm. Biological Reviews, 79:713-732