Cardiology and Heart Surgery

America’s youngest Impella patient

In spring 2018 Adolfo Ledesma became the youngest U.S. patient to be implanted with an Impella pump. A UC Davis Health surgeon deployed the leading-edge technology to boost the 10-year-old’s long-term recovery following his immediate treatment for tachycardia linked to a cold virus.

PDA closures without surgery for tiny preemies

Sacramento families now have an alternative to surgery for patent ductus arteriosus (PDA), a condition that affects 20 to 60 percent of all preemies. Frank Ing, our new chief of pediatric cardiology, has introduced capabilities to perform PDA closure in the cardiac catheterization lab for preemies as small as 600 grams. The approach reduces risks and only requires general anesthetic.

IAC Echocardiography Reaccreditation for heart center

Our Pediatric Heart Center’s Pediatric Echocardiography Laboratory remains the regions only to hold accreditation from the Intersocietal Accreditation Commission (IAC) in pediatric transthoracic, pediatric transesophageal and fetal echocardiography, renewed in 2018.

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“Yuvna is a lot more energetic, less blue and able to play more with her sisters because of Dr. Ing. Since the beginning of our dialogue, he has shown a level of compassion and care not seen from any of Yuvna’s previous doctors, and we will forever be grateful for all of his help, guidance and support.” – Bhupinder Singh and Dipika Chana, who traveled from Dubai to UC Davis Children’s Hospital to have their daughter’s heart condition treated by Frank Ing, our chief of pediatric cardiology. Ing is a renowned specialist in using less-invasive, non-surgical methods such as catheterization to treat heart and vascular conditions in children.