Diabetes and Endocrinology

New insights on diabetic ketoacidosis

For decades, clinicians have worried that giving too much intravenous fluid to children with diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) may contribute to brain swelling and injury. But after a national study of more than a thousand children with DKA, UC Davis Health's Nathan Kuppermann and Nicole Glaser, other UC Davis researchers, and colleagues in the Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network (PECARN) have shown that fluid infusion does not cause brain injury in children with the condition.

Published in a June 2018 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine, the new findings may offer more treatment flexibility for clinicians – and are the latest results in two decades of DKA research by Glaser, a pediatric endocrinologist, and Kuppermann, UC Davis Health's emergency medicine chair. Kuppermann also helped to create PECARN, the nation’s only federally-funded pediatric emergency care research network, in 2001.

Diabetes summer camp offers friendship, fun

This educational summer camp, offered each summer by the UC Davis pediatric endocrinology team in partnership with UC Davis Youth Programs, provides a week of friendship and fun for pediatric patients battling Type I Diabetes. Enriching recreational activities include rock climbing, swimming, dance, field games and even a field trip.

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“When we first arrived via helicopter the entire staff did a phenomenal job with her care, we had a diagnosis of her condition and a treatment plan was put into place very quickly. Whenever we had any obstacles the entire staff came alongside of us as a team to solve them.” – Chris Johnsen on daughter Jolene Johnsen’s care.