Gastroenterology and GI Surgery

Unique acupuncture service helps with chronic discomfort

UC Davis Children’s Hospital is home to one of only three pediatric gastroenterologists in the U.S. trained in medical acupuncture. Arthur de Lorimier studied at the Helms Medical Institute, and practices the ancient Chinese medicine art form in his care of patients with conditions such as chronic abdominal pain, chronic nausea and related anxiety.

The unique practice complements the wide range of services provided by our large pediatric gastroenterology team, including interventional capabilities supported by special technology incorporated in our new Children's Surgery Center facility.

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“I wish we would have come to UC Davis Children’s Hospital sooner. Samantha’s quality of life has improved dramatically and we can better function as a family.” - Misty Rickards, on daughter Samantha’s acupuncture treatment for chronic abdominal pain and nausea, overseen by pediatric gastroenterologist Arthur de Lorimier.