MHI 202 — Computer-Based Patient Records

Units: 4
Instructor: Mark Carroll, M.P.H.

Course description: Introduction and overview of computer-based clinical record systems. Topics include data modeling, health system standards and terminologies; security, privacy and confidentiality; workflow modeling; data visualization; legal; and evidence-based practice.

MHI 209 — Clinical Data Acquisition and Analysis

Units: 4
Instructor: Naresh Baliga, M.S.

Course description: The course examines the nature, acquisition, and analysis of medical data. Such data ranges from signals of electrical potentials, sounds, text, images (still and motion), and data from nucleic acid and protein expression and sequencing instruments.

MHI 210 — Introduction to Health Informatics

Units: 4
Instructor: Nick Anderson, Ph.D.

Course description: Overview course to give the student a broad exposure to the field of health informatics. Topics covered include, but are not limited to, networking, information systems, coding, HL7, security, and HIPAA.

MHI 290 — Health Informatics Seminar Series

Units: 1
Instructor: Mark Carroll, M.P.H.

Course description: Weekly seminar covering research and evaluation methods, core concepts in health informatics, and classic and current informatics literature review. Includes monthly seminar featuring the latest informatics research by local, national, and international informatics professionals.

MHI 299 — Research in Health Informatics (independent research format)

Units: 1 - 12
Instructor: Health Informatics Graduate Program Faculty

Course description:  Research in Health Informatics.