• Master's Degree Program

The in-person Health Informatics Masters Degree program provides a comprehensive curriculum to prepare students for careers in research, teaching and information management in the healthcare computing industry, within healthcare organizations, and academia. The program offers advanced training in biomedical and health informatics aligned with the current skills, environments and health needs of the local and national community, for students to develop as independent and applied professionals for broad future careers.

The Masters degree requirements include an in-person core intensive curriculum and a mandatory research project and thesis, with a goal of producing work that may be published in peer-reviewed journals. Possibilities for projects foci include research in areas such digital and consumer health, clinical decision support and data sciences in health, systems architecture in clinical health IT, patient privacy and security and data standardization, sharing and connectivity.

Degree Requirements:

A total of 55 units are required for the Masters Degree in Health Informatics:

  • 19 units of required core courses
  • 27 units of approved domain courses
  • 9 units of MHI 299 "Research in Health Informatics"